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    In preparation for appointment:


  • Plan to bring your harp to where the Tech sets up shop to avoid additional home visit fee.

  • For a full restring, plan to bring your harp at least 2 days before appointment. Bring your own strings.

  • Please tune your harp before regulation and make sure it holds tune.

  • Closely inspect your strings and change any visibly worn or grooved strings, especially nylons, at least a week prior to regulation appointment.

  • Always replace strings with the same kind, gut with gut and nylon with nylon, as it affects regulation and pitch.

  • Zero- First Octave Nylons should be changed at least every 6 months. Changing grooved strings after regulation will affect intonation.

  • Warranty Regulation will be charged $150.00 Travel Fee not covered by manufacturer.

  • Last minute appointment cancellations will be billed full fee of services requested.

  • Unless otherwise requested, your harp will be regulated and tuned A440.

  • No Shows or last minute cancellations of scheduled appointment will be billed full fee of services requested.

    Full Service Regulation includes:

  • new slot and pedal felts

  • checking over movement and clicks

  • pedal rods adjustment

  • checking stiffness and sluggishness of pedals

  • adjustment and lubrication of springs

  • setting disc screws

  • adjusting grip

  • lining up strings

  • tightening/adjusting stationary nuts as needed

  • adjusting disc spindles pressure as needed

  • noise control  

  • tuning and calibrating the intonation of intervals

Other Services Extra

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