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Effective June 1, 2023

Subject to change without notice

Full Service Regulation  $485.00
Felts Change only  $115.00
Warranty regulation - travel related cost  $150.00
Lever Harp Regulation  $280.00

Tubing Replacement  $245.00
Tubing Lubrication  $225.00
Pedal Rod Change  $95.00
Diagnostics/Condition Report  $200.00
Diagnostics w/Regulation- No charge
Bass Wires Change  $7.00 each
Full Restring- Concert Grand Harp  $330.00
Restringing per octave  $49.00
House Call Fee Structure (2 lever harps= 1 pedal harp)

     1 Harp $200

     2 Harps $100

     3 Harps- No House Call fee.

Other Services- Send Service Request for a quote.


No Shows or last minute cancellations of scheduled appointment will be billed full fee of services requested.


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